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If it wasn’t for Ann Garvin, I never would have had my query read, found an agent or gotten to live my dream of being a published author. She knows how to get to the heart of any story and pushes you in the best way possible to make your manuscript the best that it can possibly be. – Amy Reichert, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake and Luck, Love, and Lemon Pie


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 3.21.05 PM.pngI met Erin Celello, author and teacher, through a fortuitous set of circumstances.  After I had hit dead end after dead end submitting to agents and editors, she read my memoir and was kind enough to say that it was good. She helped me trim more than one hundred pages of content and also offered three main observations, which were epiphonic on a Saul of Tasus scale.  Thunderstruck by the casual manner with which she quickly assessed the problems with both prose and style, I returned to the work with near-maniacal glee.  With those three simple suggestions, Erin had caused a tectonic shift in my thinking and enabled me to solve the fundamental issues with how I told my story.  When I did that, the very next publisher I put it in front of said, “hell, yes, we’ll take it!” I can’t emphasize enough how vital Erin’s advice has been in getting my book published.  If you want to get your story out there you’ll need three things:  1) talent, 2) hard work and 3) Erin Celello. – Matt Fisk, Black Knights, Dark Days (Warriors Publishing Group, 2017)


screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-3-43-27-pmAnn is the most positive mentor I’ve ever worked with. She worked on the larger manuscript structure as well as the detail of individual sentences. I have some work to do now, but I finally know in what direction to go. -Jackie Kesseler, author of The Icarus Project, Hell on Earth, and Riders of the Apocalypse series.


Ann’s guidance after graduation with the business end of writing was immeasurable. After months of rejections, she worked closely with me on a new query letter. Soon after I landed an incredible agent. Not only is Ann a talented author. She’s an amazing mentor.  – Alana Jo Abate


Ann went above and beyond to help me develop my manuscript into a publishable book. Then she helped me figure out the query. Now I have an agent and my work is on submission. I couldn’t have done it without her careful mentoring. – Beth Orozco


Ann was the most instrumental part of me getting an agent for my book. I now have a publisher and I have Ann to thank for that. – Anne Belton


“Our phone conversation yesterday and the notes you’ve supplied in the manuscript are amazing! They’ve changed my world. Your help, and is exactly what I need at this juncture!” – Cathy Parrill


“The best thing I’ve done so far for my book is meet with Ann!  It made me think of my book in an entirely new way. It feels like I’m working towards something more tangible.” – Joyce Novacek